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Automatic Door Repair Pickering

Whether we are talking about residential or commercial automatic doors, their failures are never good. But then again, all those of you who may need automatic door repair in Pickering, Ontario, may simply call or message our company to have the problem promptly addressed. Yes, having an automatic door quickly serviced in a Pickering property takes just that: a message or phone call.

At Pickering Locksmith, we understand the inconveniences automatic door failures may cause. At the same time, we are fully aware of the possible safety risks. For such reasons alone, we keep on our toes ready to serve. We are here for any needed automatic door service in Pickering. And are prepared to handle all problems.

Automatic door repair in Pickering

Automatic door problems vary and happen for different reasons. All the same, you can always count on our team for Pickering automatic door repair services. Experienced pros come out as soon as the service is needed. And carry all sorts of tools and spares to properly identify and fix issues. Some of the automatic door repairs provided include and are not limited to the following services:

  •          Automatic door sensor adjustment. Any problem with the sensors will affect the automatic door’s performance.
  •          Motor replacement. Motor problems are often serious. If they cannot be fixed, the pros need to replace the motor.
  •          Control panel repair. Damaged components, faulty wiring, and other automatic door control panel issues will take a toll on the door’s operation. Anything wrong is fixed.
  •          Remote control service. Problems with the automatic door’s remote control are fixed. Broken remotes are replaced. There’s often a need for remote control reprogramming.

Other repairs may involve fixing various automatic door components, from gears and tracks to weather seals – anything that will negatively affect the door’s performance.

Need another service, like automatic door installation? Always turn to us

At times, there’s a need for something other than repairs. Like getting new automatic doors, installation and replacement services, maintenance, and more. That makes sense. After all, if an automatic door cannot be fixed or is not worthy of fixing, a new one takes its place. You can rely on our team for any service, whether it’s directly related to the automatic door opener or other components.

Share your current worries! What’s the problem today? Is this a serious problem that blocks traffic? Is this an issue with a main entrance and this may cause security problems? Don’t wait. If it’s time for automatic door repair, Pickering pros can swiftly come over. Talk to us about the problem.