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CCTV Systems

At Locksmith Pickering, our professional technicians are always ready to provide you with excellent installation services for a wide variety of cost effective solutions. We specialize in CCTV cameras for both residential and commercial applications. In fact, our CCTV installation is such a great deal that you’ll be extremely satisfied when the job is done.


Consider the possible benefits of having security cameras and other closed circuit cameras installed incctv key areas of your home or business. You could catch burglars, gang members involved in vandalism, or perhaps something worse. With video evidence, you could help authorities track down any law breakers who have done your property harm. You may even be able to help police track down kidnapped or otherwise missing persons.

CCTV systems in Pickering can consist of the CCTV camera or perhaps multiple cameras and one central station from which viewing monitors and recorders can be used. Then it’s possible to not only record what the camera catches, but also view the viewpoint in real time.

Our commercial CCTV system services can ensure that a high quality system of your choosing is installed professionally and quickly for your satisfaction. The sooner your cameras are up and running, the sooner you can feel safer about your business.

These cameras are such a great tool to use for security purposes. They literally give us extra sets of eyes to view areas that we’d normally need to be near to view. With this kind of power, you can definitely have peace of mind whether you’re at home or at work. Our experts ensure 100% customer satisfaction. They always provide friendly service that provides professional results.

Feel free to contact Pickering Locksmith today if you have any questions about our services or our prices. We’re always happy to answer any questions for you, so pick up the phone and call today!