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Door Repair

What good will it do to have a high-security lock if the door is broken, right? Since door problems happen, our company is available for door repair in Pickering, Ontario.

Are you faced with door problems in your home, office, or any other property in Pickering? If so, why are you waiting? Go ahead and contact Pickering Locksmith. Let’s put an end to your door issues.

Residential and commercial door repair in Pickering

Door Repair Pickering

Whether this is a house, office, warehouse, or any other property in Pickering, door repair is provided swiftly. Specialized door repair techs come out as soon as possible – and when it’s okay with you – to check the door malfunction or damage and do the necessary repairs.

And so, whether we are talking about door damage or failure, you can count on our team. Whether you want residential or commercial door repair, you can rely on us.

Let us add that the techs fix all types of doors – interior and exterior doors. Sliding doors. Swinging doors. Bypass doors. Bi-folding doors. Revolving doors. Wooden doors. Glass doors. And so forth. All doors.

What seems to be the door problem?

  •          Is your front door not closing with ease?
  •          Is the patio door glass broken?
  •          Do you have to push to lock the main entrance?
  •          Is the doorframe rotten or scratched?
  •          Is the mesh of your screen door damaged?
  •          Is one of your doors making a squeaky noise?
  •          Are the hinges of your swing door rusty?
  •          Is your sliding door stuck?

Interior and exterior door repair services

There’s no ending to the list of door problems. But no matter what’s wrong with any door, techs quickly come out to fix it. You can count on us for services.

  •          Emergency door repair – often needed after burglaries. Or, when the patio door is not closing. Or, when the front door is stuck. Or, when the main entry point of your firm is not opening.
  •          Screen door repair – there’s often an issue with the mesh. If it’s damaged, it can be replaced. If the whole screen door is damaged, the pros can replace the screen door.
  •          Door replacement – overall needed when doors are damaged beyond repair – or when you decide to get a better door.
  •          Interior doors repair – services may involve fixing hinges or stuck sliding doors, replacing doorknobs, repairing door closers, etc.

Front doors. Commercial doors. Interior doors. Screen doors. All doors may break down, fail, or become damaged. But there are solutions to all problems, even if you have to replace a door. So, don’t think about it. If you are faced with some issues and need door repair, Pickering techs are ready to take action. Give us the go-ahead.