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Handicap Door Operators

Handicap automatic door openers are very popular in hospitals and various medical facilities. These devices make it much easier for the handicapped to gain access to access controlled areas. A simple push of a large button initiates the process of the door opening and then closing once the person has entered. The professionals at Pickering Locksmith specialize in providing complete service for handicap door operators in Pickering, ON. Our certified technicians have the training, experience and thorough qualifications to administer excellent installation and repair service on most makes and models of this product.

Commercial-slide-2Quality Products and Quality Technicians = Quality Service

We only utilize quality products for installation and repair requirements. Our view is simple; we will not use a product for our customer that we would not use for our own needs. Locksmith Pickering is a company founded on integrity. We place a great deal of emphasis on being honest and straightforward with our customers. Our friendly technicians are always respectful, helpful and prepared to answer any questions. Every member of our team is highly trained and certified. Quality products and quality technicians always equal quality service.

About the OpenersHandicap Door Operators

There are quite a few devices of this nature being utilized on the market today. The handicap door opener is a relatively small unit designed to open and close doors for the physically handicapped. Although the manufacturers may vary all of these devices are designed to offer the same service. Our experts are extremely experienced working with these products and we guarantee the services we provide. We will be more than happy to set up a flexible appointment to determine which product is best for the customer. Service calls can be placed with us 24/7.

Pickering Locksmith has become one of the most popular service providers for door openers because of our staunch commitment to excellence. Our professionals set the bar for others to follow and we set our standards very high. Reach out to us today and ask about our service guarantee.