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Rekey Locks

New homes go hand in hand with lock rekeying. If the locks of the new house are relatively new, you don’t have to replace them. Though, rekeying them is important for your security. We guarantee that we offer the best Rekey Locks Pickering services and are distinguished all over Ontario for our skills, speed and dedication. Such tasks require velocity but also great equipment and knowledge. Lock rekey includes the replacement of the tumbler so that the lock will open with a different key. That’s the best way to avoid unexpected visitors, who may still have the keys of their old house, which currently belongs to you.

Lock-Change-slide-2We have the perfect foundations for lock rekeying

Trust the service of our Pickering Locksmith! One of the first things we did upon the establishment of our company was to build proper infrastructures. Since then we have come a long way with the empowerment of our technical foundations as new locks come out and need new equipment and techniques. Rest assured that every single technician of our company in Pickering has tremendous skills and the ability to rekey locks with efficiency. This is one of the most important services. Its cost is reasonable and it’s done immediately. The outcome is spectacular since it ensures full security.

We are masters in key change

Do you want lock rekey in the office but you have a master key system? You have nothing to worry about because our teams are trained to rekey locks and change the keys of any lock system. If one of your employees was dismissed, we can rekey the lock of his office and provide you with a new key. Every key replacement is excellent since it is cut in high tech machinery by our expert technicians. Each service provided by our teams will be excellent because they are all serious professionals. We Rekey Locks in Pickering with attention and expertise in an effort to guarantee security, prevent intrusions and make your life easier.